WTF Wednesday – Why are there so many transvestites at Walmart and how do I keep missing them?

I recently came across pix of Walmartians with an interesting theme – there was butt crack, bathing suits, and transvestites. Now, I’m completely aware that we all have unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions, thus explaining the butt crack. The bathing suits — maybe they just needed something before heading to the beach. I mean, I’ve seen folks dressed like that at my Walmart. But transvestites? Never… Where is this mythical Walmart? Some of these folks look like they would be so much fun to hang with — and some, maybe not. Honestly, three of these pictures may not be transvestites, they could just be middle-aged women with poor fashion sense. That’s the other thing, the transvestites I’ve met have fashion sense. Seriously, WTF Walmartian Tranvestites?

For your viewing pleasure; Walmartians – Transvestite Issue.

Please… this is photoshopped, right?
Male or female, the halter top is a glamour don’t.
OMG! I would totally buy that pineapple for you!
It’s just Pat, the later years.
I know this is a guy because no woman would wear socks with those sandals. Oh, and the mustache.
Photoshop… please? Please? He kind of reminds me of my 11th grade history teacher.
Androgyny… you be the judge. No matter what, a longer shirt would make this outfit more palatable.
Aaaannnddd, I’m done wishing for men in kilts.

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