WTF Wednesday – – your tax dollars at work.

I’m not even sure how I found the website, but it’s real. Indiana University researched women’s orgasms, specifically what works and what doesn’t and compiled the data for you. For a low one-time fee of $39.00 you too can become the sex-god or goddess you’ve always wanted to be. They interviewed 2000 women and compiled the data. At first I thought – hey, tax dollars paid for this research, you should share the research for free… think of how happy we’d all be. This could single-handedly 😉 end wars, strife, work-stress, maybe even drug addiction. However, I’m sure they had expenses beyond what the grants covered and hey, I’d rather my tax dollars go to orgasm research than the research that proved being homeless is detrimental to your health. Although… less potholes would be good, too.

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