#WTFWednesday Celebrity Penises

Did I get your attention?

I admit, I fell into the hole of the interweb and found this gem of an article. Some Entertainment ranked “Mistakenly Seen Famous Penises” here, and it’s well worth the read, I don’t know how they missed Harvey Keitel’s in The Piano. In case you missed it, The Creative Loafing has his and many more in this article. Although I absolutely adore the judging rubric from Some Entertainment, which includes, appearance, presentation, poise, and talent.

I believe Kevin Bacon should receive the top award, because not only does he have a talented penis, he’s the spokesperson for penises everywhere.

I stand with Kevin Bacon… #FreeTheBacon

I know I’ve linked to this video before, but if you’ve got headphones or are alone, it’s worth a second viewing.

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