WTF Wednesday – #ReligiousFreedom – The Beginning of the End? I call BS.

First of all, I don’t believe you should be allowed to marry whoever you want. Why? Because the forty-three year old man marrying the nine year old girl isn’t acceptable. I don’t care what “religious” beliefs or non-beliefs you have — it’s not ok. Right? Can we agree on that?

Neither do I think any employer should be forced to provide health benefits to their employee’s “partner” which is a German Shepherd. Is that speciest? You bet, and I still sleep ok at night.

I don’t think a Quaker should have to cater the NRA luncheon.

I don’t think I should have to edit a brochure for the KKK.

I don’t think Hobby Lobby should have to provide birth control pills to employees. If that’s really the only reason you’re employed by Hobby Lobby you’re an idiot. Get a job at JoAnn’s or Michael’s.

Read the religious freedom restoration act — it states you don’t have to fear getting your butt sued and losing your business if you agree with me and those examples. 

So, why the hell is everyone so freaked out about the legislation protecting the rights of small business owners who choose to follow their religious beliefs. Because somewhere there is a belief out there that “most” people don’t believe in God.

I call BS.

Yeah, I write erotica and still, I pray. I’m not perfect, and I sure as hell can’t make a logical argument about why I’m so angry that the knee jerk reaction of “well-meaning” people is to be anti-religious. Like the word religious means ignorant racist. Right? Because “Treat others as you would have them treat you” really means, “Treat others as you’ve been told by me to treat them.”

Get over yourself. If you are atheist, have at it. If you’re homosexual, I don’t care. I DO care when a small business owner is hobbled by the ACLU because the owner was uncomfortable providing a service that went against their moral beliefs.

The religious freedom restoration act says that an OB/Gyn can’t be sued because they refuse to perform an abortion. That’s what it means, read it if you don’t believe me.

Facebook is blowing up with how horrible Indiana is, ok — so don’t shop there. But did you read the legislation? Click here to read it. Traditional media only tells you what Californians, Chicagoans, and New Yorkers think. Don’t believe me — check out the map of the states that also have religious freedom legislation. Yellow states have passed laws, grey have not. More states than not have chosen to protect religious freedoms. 

religious-720pxIs there prejudice in the world? Well, duh — hell yes. So why is it allowed that people whose personal life choices differ than yours don’t get to have the same rights as you?  (And I mean a Christian but honestly put any word in there you choose – black, Asian, Gay, Transgender – my point is that every business owner should have the same rights without fear of litigious action.) Why can’t we stand up for the rights of small businesses? I would love it if Christian, Muslim, and Jewish homosexuals would come forward and say “I support local business owner’s rights.” 

Our country has become obsessed with being fair. Life isn’t fair. You want equality? I sure as hell don’t. Why, because it never ends well and WE AREN’T EQUAL. Most of us are average, because that IS the definition of “average” but no — our socially liberal constituents strongly feel that each of us deserves the “same” opportunities as everyone else. Really? Did you not learn ANYTHING when you read Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut? Equality sucks. We want respect. We want to treat others as we’d like to be treated. We want kindness and understanding. Because trust me, equality isn’t what you might believe. It means that no one gets exactly what they need, but they get exactly the same as everyone else. No thank you.

On a lighter note, if you really want to follow an amazing spiritual belief – check out Hudson and Landry’s Fredrickism.  You never have to worry about the hereafter if you follow all of their commandments.

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  • Leslie
    April 1, 2015 - 1:27 am · Reply

    I wrote three paragraphs and then was checking on a particular point (Indiana’s law is actually different than all those other states except possibly Texas – it’s much worse) but then found this article that says everything I wanted to – and so much better, of course. It even mentions Hobby Lobby – Grrr.

    I agree life isn’t fair. But you are complaining we don’t want equality of outcomes (agreed) while the problem here is that we do want equal treatment under the law. It’s a basic tenet of our jurisprudence – “justice is blind” in a perfect world. As a citizen, we deserve equal treatment and equal rights – like to a marriage license, for instance.

    And as far as marrying minors or outside your species – there are laws about that and they cover everyone, equally. (Though marrying your cousin laws do differ by state…if you’re worried…)

  • tobidoylemacbrayne
    April 2, 2015 - 11:37 am · Reply

    And I still, respectfully (and lovingly) disagree with you. I think Hobby Lobby was well within it’s rights to not pay for contraceptives. I have never had an employer pay for contraceptives; neither the video store, or when I worked at the VA, for the state of California, or when I worked at a religious school. They were simply too cheap to pay for it and you don’t need contraceptives.

    My point is that it seems social liberals only want rights for groups they approve of – if it’s for religious or spiritual reasons they deny those folks the same rights.

    Social liberals are certain that people will use the law to discriminate. Like they are certain that people with concealed carry permits will shoot first and ask questions later. And yet… it’s more likely to be shot by someone who has illegally obtained a gun. You may think I’m naive but I honestly believe and have found that most people treat others with respect, and at the same time honor their beliefs. Assholes can be found anywhere, whether they are hiding under the guise of religious beliefs or social liberalism.

    For example, Memories Pizza is not denying service to anyone, but the owner when interviewed, admitted that he would not cater a gay wedding. First of all, no self-respecting couple would have a pizza party wedding. Seriously… and yet the store has death threats. I have no sympathy for those making death threats and I support the owner of Memories Pizza. This is pure dicrimination against people of faith.

    To me, this is simply one side deciding that only certain people get rights. That’s discrimination.

    So, while my atheist friends and family members enjoy chocolate bunnies this Easter, I will be remembering that someone died on a cross after being tortured because my life has value. That God loves me so much He sent his only son to sacrifice his life for me – and everyone else – including my atheist friends and family. All lives have value. That’s a Christian belief, and like most people of faith, that’s what I try to model every day.

  • Leslie
    April 4, 2015 - 11:59 am · Reply

    Also with love and respect – I enjoy continuing this intellectual debate!

    The problem with respecting religious beliefs is when those beliefs go against the laws – in this case anti-discrimination and full access to reproductive health – of the country. The laws are what we as a society have agreed to and I don’t think some people should get to opt out. Why have the laws in the first place? They could try to change the law – in most places it is still perfectly legal to discriminate (businesses, housing, jobs, etc.) against LGBT folks, but some places it’s not (just as it used to be for blacks in this country) – which is why those “Christian” folks in Indiana (and many other places now) pushed for and expanded the Religious Freedom law. The original one the USCongress passed was due to the use of peyote in native American religious ceremonies. See – I think they should have made the use of peyote legal – for everyone. Instead, the idiots in Congress went for this and now it’s being spread around and as usual, people are realizing…whoops…unintended consequences.

    And as far as Easter…ewwww. I love my children so much I’m pretty sure I could never let them be tortured if I had that power. And if I’m this God who did and is omni-everything – why not just forgive (for what again?) everyone and NOT require your son (but it’s really you…?) to be sacrificed? It’s a wormhole of logic there… and ewwww. But YAY chocolate bunnies! I hope your Easter is chock full of them!!

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