#WTFWednesday Bad Neighbors

My son sent me this youtube link and I died. I swear to God I think I lived below these folks. I’m so glad we own a house now!

True story, about twenty years ago we lived in an apartment complex with several college students. We were the “older” young married couple and I was pregnant with our first child. The next door neighbor had HUMUNGOUS speakers and that massive bass thing. Did I mention he liked to play video games? So, we as working adults would go to bed around ten and be woken up by a bass beat or explosions until two in the morning a few times a week. It drove me nuts. I spoke to the immature neighbors who really didn’t care. I spoke with the landlord with little help. (They were also in bed when these guys were being loud.) Finally, one day a parent of one of the miscreants was visiting and commented that they should move the speakers so the sound didn’t travel through the wall. “Surely it disturbs your neighbors,” the father said while standing in the hallway. I was nine months pregnant and assured him that, “Yes, it does.” Nothing changed.

My beautiful daughter was born and you know the saying that “revenge is a dish best served cold?” Yeah, so guess who was up at midnight, two, four, and six for a few weeks feeding the baby? And you know what? I played ding-dong doorbell ditch for WEEKS before she slept through the night. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll. #PassiveAggressive

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  • Katie
    April 17, 2015 - 10:13 am · Reply

    I totally think we would be friends! Your WTF Wednesday posts leave me laughing and makes me wonder why you’re not a reporter . Really enjoy your books.
    Very respectfully,

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