#WTFWednesday Cannibals and Shia LaBeouf

Rob Cantor created a video regarding Shia LaBeouf and his possible cannabalistic tendancies.

First, you have to watch the video… spoiler alert, Shia LaBeouf is NOT actually a cannibal.

Did you watch it?

Yeah? WTF????

I searched online to find out first, who is Rob Cantor and second is that really Shia LaBeouf at the end of the video.  Rob Cantor is a talented and amusing song-writer and you can read more about him at his website robcantor.com.  Mr. LaBeouf apparently has a sense of humor, and yes, he gave a cameo performance for this well-produced satiric video.

For more on cannibals, check out my daughter’s penpal, Vlad at the Black Dolphin. Just kidding, I’d never let her send personal letters internationally, not when Charles Manson is available stateside… oh wait, he’s taken.

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