#WTFWednesday… I may have an addiction to #Minecraft

My two youngest are home for Christmas break from Univ. of KY. (#GoCats) Normally, this means our house is filled with the manchild’s friends playing board games and eating really delicious but so bad for you food. Sometimes they set up a LAN party. There was karaoke over Thanksgiving break. It’s awesome and fun and I love having the house filled (for short periods) with these great young adults. BUT this time, manchild and his amazing girlfriend spent the day hanging on the couch and playing Minecraft on PS4. True story, my favorite part of Sims is the house building. Minecraft is like this on STEROIDS. You actually have to dig up the stuff (mine) in order to make your home, and battle off scary things if you choose survival mode. And the game can be played on your phone. Which I downloaded…

I literally spent close to twenty hours over the last two days trying to get some freaking wool from sheep so I could make a bed. Two days. And my google search includes random things plus Minecraft. My search is #SFW. This is practically unheard of. For the first time EVER, I’m actually looking forward to the flight time because… Minecraft and I just discovered an abandoned mine!

And, here’s the thing. I know as soon as the kids go back to school, Minecraft will take a backseat to my normal life. But right now? It’s fun to hang out with the kids in a virtual world, even more fun that my son gets to teach me using his expertise.

What about you? Any games that got you addicted within minutes?

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