#WTFWednesday – Looking for someone other than my wife????? #BadCommercials

So, my mother always told me nothing good happens after midnight.  Hmm, she has a point.  I stayed up late one night and watched a commercial that had my jaw dropping – and no, it wasn’t the bacon bowl.  If you so desire, you can check out the commercial on youtube here.  The tagline for AshleyMadison.com is “I’m looking for someone other than my wife.”  Yeah – so WTF?  Google AshleyMadison reviews and you’ll find that “shocker” some people complain they’re a scam.  The commercial is so cheesy and surprising that I thought it was a joke, but no, it’s a dating website for married people looking to have affairs.  Hmm. there’s an interesting book plot in there, I’m sure.  Perhaps a twist on Rupert Holmes song, Escape, from the 80’s.  Check out this really old video of Rupert Holmes signing it on the Village People’s Show.  (When did they have a show?  Man, I wish my parents had cable when I was a kid!)

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