#WTFWednesday Migraines and Malaria

I wonder what the purpose of migraines and mosquitoes are. I hate migraines. Fortunately they don’t bother me as much as they used to in my twenties but I have to wonder what evolutionary purpose they have? Worse, I learned they are genetically linked so while I watched my mother suffer from them when I was a child, I now have the guilt of watching my own children succumbing to them as an adult.

Perhaps I was not supposed to breed.

I get vomiting which rapidly forces pathogens out of your body, and even fevers killing off viruses and bacteria but mind numbing headaches. Light sensitivities so that you have to hide in your cave… seriously if they were this bad thousands of years ago how did this gene ever get passed on?

This brings me to mosquitoes. Purpose of mosquitoes is passing on malaria. Honestly if they all died how would it change our environment? There are many other insects for birds and bats to consume. Other larvae could be fish food. Why are they still alive? Why haven’t we just eradicated all of them like we try to take out polio or other pathogens?

So, while I sit in my post-migraine fog where logic is fuzzy at best and I wonder why the hell the medicine hasn’t kicked in yet, I have to wonder why can’t we just get rid of every freaking mosquito on the planet? Or maybe I should just take a nap.

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