#WTFWednesday – Trump… really – WTF?

I admit I want to be Betty White. Don’t we all want to say exactly what we mean and have people love us for it. Sure… but I don’t want Betty White to be President. WTF America??? Dear Republican Delegation if you put Trump on the ballot people will be like… yeah… maybe not.  I live in West Virginia, the state that chose Keith Judd, a convicted felon IN JAIL, over Obama. Not because of race… it was because Obama is a socialist. Trump may have some followers, but eventually – probably well after the primaries, people will freak out that we have two narcissists running for the presidency. 2016 will truly be the election where Americans choose which candidate will do the least harm  because dayum… Trump vrs. Clinton is freakin’ scary. PLEASE VOTE IN YOUR PRIMARIES PEOPLE!!!!!!!


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