#WTFWednesday – Would you buy a stalker’s book and encourage that behavior?

Kathleen Hale’s book, Kathleen Hale is a Crazy Stalker will be released by Grove Atlantic this June and I’m having a hard time finding humor in the scenario. I don’t care how “hilarious” her six essays promise to be. Grove Atlantic states the book is, “From a fresh gonzo American voice, a captivating and hilarious collection of essays unlike anything you’ve ever read before, exploring sexual assault, online obsession, motherhood, and the best way to kill a feral hog.”

A hilarious collections of essays about her stalking a reviewer who left her a one star review, and one exploring sexual assault.

So… that’s a book club no thanks from me. And really – a “gonzo” (which means crazy) voice, unlike anything you’ve ever read before… There could be a reason for that.

Seriously, WTF? People who purchase this book are encouraging her ridiculous stalking behavior. In this article from The Guardian she explains why she thought it was a good idea to actually GO TO THE REVIEWERS HOUSE. Please note, I don’t find her behavior amusing, and I certainly don’t find her excuses acceptable. It bothers me she’s profiting from bad behavior. Because stalking isn’t funny, and it seems so odd that in 2019 that actually needs to be said. And what’s going to happen when this book gets bad reviews? Will reviewers get pre-emptive restraining orders?

Things I’ve learned this year about books and book reviews–if the book is touted to be intriguing, vibrant, emotionally charged, riveting, unexpected twists and turns–that’s code for WTF did I just read, plotless blunder. I mean the book MIGHT be great, but if the reviewer received an ARC or that review is on the book cover… maybe check what Goodreads reviews say.

You’ll thank me later.

One final note, while I really hope to one day be traditionally published, I really have to wonder what Grove Atlantic editors were thinking? What’s next? Kevin Spacey’s memoir?

And if you’re looking for great writing, amusing essays, try David Sedaris. He’s hilarious, but not gonzo. Me Talk Pretty One Day made me laugh out loud, much to the annoyance of the passenger sitting next to me on that long Hawaiian flight. When You Are Engulfed in Flames is great, but then so is Holidays on Ice. Actually, they’re all great. You can find them on Amazon here.

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