#WTFWednesday Why people LOVE romance…


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Donnie “Ruin” Walsh the image….                         Donnie “Ruin” Walsh the reality.

So… my son had an appendectomy last Thursday, which led to me giving him his Christmas present early – a PlayStation4 Call of Duty Black Ops 3 console, and me staying bedside tending to his needs while he played.

Things I’ve learned…  My son is really goofy on Lortab, and no, I didn’t post any videos on YouTube because I’d like him to go to college one day.

Secondly, romance comes in many forms, specifically romanticizing. Call of Duty is the typical shoot ’em up type of game which I suppose you could say romanticizes violence. Clearly being “killed” fourteen times and still playing is pure fantasy – much like the reality of Donnie Ruin Walsh, the voice actor, Christian Rummel, is NOTHING like the image. Nothing. At. All. See above. I’m guessing Christian wishes he didn’t allow a photo of him in the bunny??? suit to be posted, although it’s cute, it’s nothing like Ruin.

And try to find the name of the model for Ruin on the web and you’ll come up empty-handed. Seriously, this guy is very book-cover worthy, am I right? If you know PLEASE email me!

So, if you find yourself, like me, stuck in a room with kids hoarding the television, come join me in my fantasies. Rebecca Barray and I have two books we published with Boroughs Publishing this December that are bound to put some color in your cheeks and a smile on your face.

Good Hair Days: Paige Fitzgerald fulfills her bucket list and falls in love with a sexy cowboy on the way.

Imperfect: After moving to San Francisco to escape the aftermath of a violent attack, Sophie Schrader will learn from real estate tycoon William Peterson that she is safe, loved…and perfect.

Looking for something free?

The Fourth Christmas is free Dec 18-21, 25, and 31 on Amazon.

Free on Smashwords (and I’d love it if you let Amazon know so they’ll put it permafree on Amazon too) Jason and Laura’s story.   Lyn’s Song came out this December too, and I absolutely love that Jason FINALLY finds his perfect match. Laura’s a little harder. I see a sexy detective in her future who softens her heart and makes her laugh again.

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  • Christian Rummel
    July 14, 2016 - 3:04 am · Reply

    Ruin is an amalgamation of two TV actors: Charlie Hunnum of SONS OF ANARCHY and Travis Fimmel of VIKINGS. Those are the pretty people. Christian Rummel is a voiceover actor and narrator, and as such doesn’t care what he looks like, which is why he put a picture of himself in a bunny suit on IMDB. How do I know? I’m Christian Rummel, and I submitted the bunny photo myself. I think it’s hilarious. Sorry I didn’t live up to your video game fantasies, but y’know: real life.

    • tobidoylemacbrayne
      July 14, 2016 - 9:37 am · Reply

      The bunny suit is indeed, hilarious. I’m impressed it took two hot guys to be worthy of your voice:) I have to say after listening to you for three days straight, I was dying to know what you looked like.

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