Congratulations to the four winners of Love at First Slight: Aidan and Olivia’s Story

Congrats to Dana, Phyllis, Connie, and Kristina.  Thank you also to Goodreads for giving me the opportunity to give away four hard copies of my book.  I plan on putting it up for free on the day that I finally put Matt and Kate’s story up for sale.  I am currently doing the final editing and phew, is it hot!  Never thought I’d like beefcake, or at least reading and writing about beefcake so much!

The book giveaway for Jane Eyre Austen is still open and accepting entries to win a hard copy.  This book is a sweet contemporary regency romance.  Yeah, I know, I twisted genres, but it is full of wonderful dialogue and characters.  You can enter to win a paperback copy through Goodreads.  The direct link is available here:

Good luck:)

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