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Tobi Doyle MacBrayne - three names, three genres, always a HEA

Jessie looks innocent. She lies... She begs to come in the front door, and then runs out the pet door to go to the front door again.

Writer, workshop presenter with Sheila Redling. Check out AskIGW.com for writers' resources!

Fun facts:

  • I've lived in Massachusetts, California, Texas, Indiana and now West Virginia.
  • I taught middle school science and loved it.
  • I'm a science geek and an art geek, too.
  • My parents never let me have animals growing up, so my kids were allowed pretty much anything they wanted.
    • We've had mice, rats, hamsters, a lizard, a frog, a chinchilla, a rabbit, a horse, cats, and dogs.
    • We currently house Jessie, a rescue mix that weighs 30 pounds and plays hot-lava with all the furniture. We have a cat, Kiki, and feed a couple of feral felines. We've caught and fixed the feral felines. (The hubs thinks I take too much pleasure in neutering.)
    • I have three adult children and they are truly awesome. I loved when they were little but they are freaking hilarious now and have taught me to use Snapchat and Urban Dictionary.
  • I love hearing from my readers!

My "press kit" because it takes me forever to find my bio on my computer...

A hybrid romance author, Tobi has published over a dozen romance books. She writes HEAs with heat and humor, romantic suspense, and cozy mysteries. She is the recipient of the 2022 Romance Writer of America PRO Mentor of the Year, and a Service Award for her work on RWA’s Pen to Paper, a guide to romance writing. She’s also the past President of RWA’s romantic suspense chapter, Kiss of Death, a member of Central Ohio Fiction Writers, West Virginia Writers, and other local writing groups.

She currently works alongside Sheila Redling giving workshops and loosely curating chaos. You can find out more about them at AskIGW.com.

Tobi's Head Shot can be found by clicking here!

Email Tobi - tobi@tobidoyle.com


I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.

Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre