Cover Reveal – Homecomings – Sexy Short Stories for a Long Memorial Day Weekend

Announcing our very first Ferndean Press publication coming soon!


Homecomings: Memorial Day – four steamy short romance stories to keep you entertained on a long Memorial Day Weekend. Planned publication this Thursday! These sexy stories are intended for adults who love alpha males, hot-descriptive sex, and a little bondage;)

A Promise of More by Tobi Doyle: m/f/m menage  Ben and AJ are best friends and business partners. Their last attempt at sharing a woman almost broke their friendship because of her manipulations. Both men are wary to start a long-term relationship but are willing to share a woman for one night. Casey meets these two charismatic men at a Memorial Day party and decides to indulge in her secret fantasy. These two sexy men are definitely willing to share her and knowing it’s just for one night gives her a sense of security. Except – when they all realize one night won’t be enough, are they willing to give more?

Fleet Week by Tobi Doyle: m/f  Fleet Week is Erin’s favorite week in the city. For that one week she feels like an Amazonian Goddess instead of Sasquatch. She and her roommates celebrate her birthday with tequila shots and kissing a different man for each year of her life. This birthday, however, the very handsome and tall Lt. Thomas Crane asks her to stop after just one, him. He was her first kiss and he doesn’t want to watch her kiss other men. He’s been fantasizing about her for two years. He wants them to spend the entire weekend together making erotic memories and hoping she’ll fantasize about him too.

Going Home by Tobi Doyle: m/f  TJ’s first love, Grace, has haunted his memories for a decade. She broke his heart when he left for college, and now she’s married. He returns home for Memorial Day to visit his family and discovers that Grace is divorced, and even better, she’s still as affected by him as he is by her. If they try to rekindle their romance will is spark and ignite or fizzle and die?

His Last Appointment by Becca Barray: m/f His last appointment of the day turns out to be a nice surprise. Instead of finding a homeowner wanting an appraisal for new windows, he finds a beautiful woman waiting to seduce him. This beautiful woman is ready to fulfill his every desire.



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