Free book on Kindle Nov. 14-15 – The New Boris

Want a fun and sexy read, perhaps something to download and read while ignoring the relatives over Thanksgiving Break?  The New Boris will be free on Nov. 14th and 15th through only – you can click here to get it.

To my fellow authors who have been seeing a drop in sales (like me), I decided to pull my books from other sites and sell exclusively with Amazon enrolling them in KDP Select.  Like Google, Amazon is taking over the internet world, however – I use them to buy a significant amount of things online.  Honestly, they are the only book store I use online and I, myself, enrolled in Kindle Unlimited because I liked the idea of being able to read as many books as I wanted for a flat fee.  It’s like Rhapsody or Netflix, a subscription service for books.  So, while haters are gonna hate (thanks for pointing that out Taylor S.), the truth is I like shopping at WalMart, Target, and Amazon.  They are opening a SuperTarget near me to, which means Kroger may suffer – although they do have great discounts on gas…

I’ll let you know what happens with sales and if there is a financial gain to enrolling in KDP select.  I don’t think Amazon is honestly trying to take over the world.  I believe they are making it easier for consumers to purchase products and since I’m selling and buying it’s a win-win for me.  Hopefully.

In the meantime, enjoy a free read Nov. 14-15.  I love San Francisco, I grew up just forty miles south and loved spending my weekends there – or at the beach in Santa Cruz.  I still go home to visit my parents and spend a weekend there a couple of times a year.

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