Johanna Basford has a #FREE Inky Art School on Facebook and Youtube

Do you doodle when you’re bored? Do you color in the spaces between letters? Feel frustrated at the end of the day and when you sit to watch your favorite show still feel antsy and need to do something with your hands? Join me…

I love to draw but am embarrassed by the quality. But then my bff and writing partner, Rebecca Barray, sent me a link to Johanna’s YouTube classes and they’re so much fun and really took the stress off my need to be “perfect”. You can find the classes here: and Johanna’s really great about using your normal, everyday, inexpensive grocery store (Walmart) art supplies. Just paper, pencil, and a pen and you can find yourself doodling oodles of fun scenes.

So, what am I drawing? Well, besides writing romantic suspense and mystery, I’m an ex-science teacher who still loves to teach, so I’m playing with my drawings and photoshop to create a very first reader for children featuring Spot, an adventure-seeking guinea pig.

What do you like to draw? Who are your favorite illustrators? I LOVE Lisa Glanz, Johanna Basford, and Tedd Arnold.

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