Lyn’s Song – Love at First Slight Novella – book 5

LAFS LynsSong

It’s finally here… it’s taken a while for me to write Jason’s Happily Ever After. I was inspired by Maroon5’s song “It was Always You” from the album Maps. I loved the idea that Jason falls in love with a woman he’s known forever. Over the summer the story flourished in my brain and FINALLY I was able to do it justice. I’m very happy to present: Lyn’s Song

Jason, a control freak since childhood, only gets worse with age. He needs to control everything around him, hence the Dom tendencies he has in Jason and Laura. It gets worse right before his career takes off when he asks his best friend to drive to his house and get his lucky guitar pick. Dan, his friend, dies in a car accident while driving to pick it up. Dan’s mother blames him, and Jason takes on that guilt himself. Years later, he returns to the ask forgiveness from Lyn, Dan’s sister.

Jason was Lyn’s first crush, and she was devastated when she lost both her brother and her brother’s best friend that summer. Jason avoided all contact with her leaving her to grieve with her dysfunctional parents.

Now, years later, Jason discovers that Lyn is the one woman who knows him and has loved him unconditionally. When he realizes that she has never blamed him for her brother’s death it allows him to deal with his inability to forgive himself.

I love these characters and I hope you do too.

Since this book centers around Jason, my handsome Rockstar, I’ve written lyrics to two songs for Frenetic, Jason’s band. Also, I’ve included the playlist I listened to while writing this romance.

FYI: Coming VERY soon – Good Hair Days written by Tobi Doyle and Rebecca Barray should be out on December 2nd, and Imperfect is due out on Dec. 15. Both books are being published by Borough’s Publishing and Becca and I are thrilled to be a part of their team.

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