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If you haven’t read Still Waters, you need to. You’ll thank me later. There’s a sexy-times in the shower scene that is super funny… The guys of Garza are like my fan fiction spinoff of Janet Evanovich’s Ranger and his gang. Personally, I really loved Stephanie Plum until she couldn’t make a decision and it was frustrating to me. I admit I prefer monogamy and at a certain point, she needed to move on from both men or pick one. Anyway, I loved the idea of a security group of guys, band of brothers, with street smarts rather than college degrees and military training. And no love triangles. Well, maybe no love triangles. We’ll see…Lance has a backstory that’s beginning to brew. The guys of Garza have been in my head for a decade, and I hope your as passionate about them as I am.

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And finally, love and cherish and adore what a cinnamon roll hero AJ is. Marina’s Risk audiobook is coming soon.

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THEN, let me know if you think Carter should have his story next.

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