#MondayMotivation – #CyberMonday – Consider Being an Angel for a #paradise victim

Be an Angel for Paradise, CA

The holidays are upon us and we are all searching for THE perfect gift for the person who has it all, but we still feel the need to show that we thought of them and so we peruse the “must-gave” gift sections, which include square ice-cube makers and silent nose-hair trimmers.

You know you’ve seen the ads for the truly ridiculous.

But here’s a thought. Think of Paradise, California. Think of a family who has lost everything, their home, clothes, car, photos, holiday decorations, their job site, their post office. Everything. Why not be an angel and donate those ten or twenty dollars you were going to spend on the mini-beer pong table for your cousin and instead donate to the Red Cross. The Red Cross is working with the county to provide temporary shelter for the disaster victims, not only in Paradise but around the world. Or donate to the Salvation Army, or food banks.

One caveat – avoid GoFundMe, because unless YOU know the person, personally–and I mean face-to-face not through the internet–there are too many chances for evil people to take advantage of this situation. Stick with the national organizations.

Red Cross

Salvation Army

Feeding America – This is a National Food Bank, and your donation will go to help feed the hungry in America.

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