#NaNoWriMo – I’m ready for you…

Rebecca Barray and I are very happy to have a book coming out this Christmas with Borough’s Publishing called Good Hair Days. While I normally don’t write paranormal, this one features the ghost of my Great-Aunt Mary who offers sage advice to Paige. This was the first work that Rebecca and I worked on together, almost a year ago, and it’s why we joined forces.

This year for NaNoWriMo both Rebecca and I are going back to Paige and Sawyer’s world – ranchers in New Mexico, ex-rodeo guys, all around hot cowboys – each picking one of Sawyer’s friend’s to write a novel about. I chose Logan, who is looking for love and not finding any… until along comes Hannah. Which happens to be my niece’s name, I’ve got to keep my family in it:)

So, Hannah, in real life, and I were working out in the gym (and sadly my goal to lose weight has not been met…) and I heard Sara Bareilles song, King of Anything and it totally struck a chord with me and the story forming in my head. Hannah mentioned Sara Bareilles also has a song That Guy’s an Asshole and while it doesn’t fit Logan at all, it definitely fits book-Hannah’s manager. For your listening pleasure, because you can’t find it on Amazon Music or Rhapsody, here it is:)

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