Rebound Baby, Too Available for Pre-Order

YAY!!! A million thanks to my editor Leslie; critique goddess Marsha; and this book is finally finished and ready for publication for Valentines Day.

Preorder on Amazon today!

Office flirtations lead to a night of unparalleled sex for Anna and Jake.  Jake recognizes that Anna is perfect for him; she’s young, vivacious, but not ready to settle down.  Can he persuade her to give him a chance?

Anna can’t help but fall in love with Jake.  He’s ridiculously attractive, has a great job, and doesn’t live with his mother.  On paper he’s perfect.  In real life he’s a little bossy, a lot intense, and when Anna realizes she’s pregnant she’s not sure that she’s ready to handle all of him and morning sickness too.

Rebound Baby, Too Cover Art

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