The romance writer rants… @realDonaldTrump, seriously people?

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I write romance. Why? Because the reality of my day includes missed homework assignments, kids that get sick, a kid that has a panic attack when she gets an A-. Meanwhile, one of the kids rescued a puppy, so I’m up to my elbows in sh*t, literally. And, the man I love and adore is being hammered at work, working long hours with no end in sight.

So, yeah. Give me a few moments where I can get caught up in a romance with an alpha billionaire that takes me for pasta in Venice and I don’t have to worry about the fact that my daughter’s friend’s roommate (following that?) was ARRESTED after being shot at a drug deal. In college. Not living at home. (Picture me in fetal position…)

I get the appeal of Trump. I get the appeal of ANYONE not “in” politics. However, he’s a narcissist. In my opinion, so is Hilary and many others in politics. Not everyone… but ohmigod, my stomach is burning at the idea of Trump or Clinton picking Supreme Court Justices.

Please, my dear friends and readers, think of what the Supreme Court can do and then think WHO DO YOU WANT PICKING THE JUDGES? Vote accordingly.

The rest of the crap can be fought in the senate, repealed, etc. But eminent domain, that scares the crap out of me. Look into Kelo versus the City of New London, CT. You think you own your house? Maybe today, but the Supreme Court voted that a city could confiscate a personal home for redevelopment purposes. There are too many important issues that must be handled by brilliant people who love and understand our Constitution and the intent – it was written to protect the people, not special interests.

Okay, I’m done, and I’ll go back to writing sex…

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