Their Creation #FlashFiction Friday

Her hips were no longer her own, instead replaced  for the third time, with the latest and greatest alloy that would last her entire life.  Now.  At eighty four, it was guaranteed she wouldn’t need another surgery.  At eighty four, most of her parts were enhanced with technology, or sagging, or ached.  She looked over the crowd that had gathered, trying to recall why she was having mass on a golf course.

Music played and she turned and saw her two grandsons walk towards her, dressed in tuxedoes and she remembered, if just for a moment, that today was her grandson’s wedding.  Her daughter came next and she saw all of her children, and their children, and their children seated behind her.

It was a sight, ages from six months to sixty, forty people in all.  Together, probably for the last time as an entire family.  Siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles all together to celebrate a new addition to their family.

Her husband gently assisted her to stand as the bride walked toward them now.  He leaned down and squeezed her shoulder gently, tears in his eyes.  “Mom, look what we did.”

Her mind might not be strong, her body broken, but her spirit and memories will live on with her family they created.

nana and baby

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