#FlashFiction #WritingPrompt “She didn’t think she’d go for a run today but that cop came out of nowhere…”

She didn’t think she’d go for a run today but that cop came out of nowhere…

The cop’s eyes dropped to her purse and she could swear he was using x-ray vision to see the petite porcelain porcine wrapped in a scrap of silk cloth. She quickened her steps and heard his boots approaching closer. His long-legged gait casually ate up the distance between them. Ahead the door for the parking garage promised her refuge. It wasn’t as if she had done something terribly illegal… she simply liberated her Grand Aunt’s treasure from the antique store. Her mother had no right to place the treasure there, and it was on consignment, so really she wasn’t stealing from the store, simply returning her Grand Aunt’s treasure.

“Ma’am, I think you dropped this.” His voice was low, insistent, and definitely commanding.

Kat knew she hadn’t dropped anything, but it was a good ruse. Most days she would have stopped, but today she was wiser. She reached the door pushing through and ignoring him. She ran. Fishing through her purse she palmed the pig and sought a temporary haven. The sound of the cop cursing only made her feel more foolish in this exploit. It also increased her speed and lightness of foot. Thankfully her car was shielded by a large van. She quickly stowed the pig in the space between her windshield and hood, tucking the silk in carefully. Surely the police officer wouldn’t find it there. She climbed in her car, started it and drove cautiously toward the exit. As expected, the cop stopped her progress.

“Ma’am? Is there a reason you ran?” He asked while studying her carefully.

She blushed, “Why yes, I’ll be late for work. Is there a problem?”

He looked at her, shook his head and stepped back. “Drive carefully.” She smiled gratefully and pulled away, hearing him call out, “Hey, there’s something stuck in your hood.”

She waved and continued driving, checking her rearview mirror to see that yes, he was writing down her license plate. Her Grand Aunt better have bail money…

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