Just finished rough draft of Rebound Baby, Too

and now on to edit, edit, edit.  Sigh….

Here’s an unedited excerpt.


I watched as the new interns sat down at the conference table.  Jolie, Andrew, and I had to pick one or two interns to join our teams.  I did my homework last night and read through their internship applications and found two that sounded like they might not be a total pain in the ass to work with and train.  One was Melinda Noonan, and the other was Anna Kincaid.  There were two other interns, Sarah Brooks, and Scott Cunningham.  If I was lucky I’d get either Melinda or Anna, if I was smart I would choose Scott.  

Two years after surviving a nasty sexual harassment suit from an intern, I was still wary to work with women.  I won the suit, but missed the chance to make partner and wouldn’t ever put myself in that position again.  Ever.  The agency had decided it was best if all interns were off limits, and while it was a legally unenforceable rule, we all abided by it.

Jolie whispered to me, “Ready for the cattle call?”

I raised an eyebrow in answer.  We both knew the drill, make nice, be polite, and hope that you got the intern with common sense and a working knowledge of the alphabet.  Jesus, I had no idea what the hell they were teaching in college these days, but it surely wasn’t any marketable skills.

I heard a soft “moo” emanating from down the table and nearly swallowed my tongue at the beautiful brunette seated there.  She was smirking and when I caught her eye she blushed prettily.  The introductions went around the table and I was surprised at her sweet husky voice.  The interns were assigned, and I was thankful that I had Melinda.  I didn’t need the distraction of Anna.  

Three months, I reminded myself.  The woman would be in the office for three months, if I was still interested after that I’d ask her out.  I just needed some patience.  It had been over two years since my last date, I could handle three more months.  

Or so I thought.

Two hours later I found Anna in the copy room, bent over and removing a paper jam.  Anna was dressed prim and proper from the ankles up.  A grey skirt of sensible length paired with a light blue blouse and pearls.  However, the four inch black heels made my mind wander to what it would take to simply walk up behind her, hike her skirt up and take her.  She was the perfect height, the perfect angle.

And I was being a douche.

“Can I help?” I asked politely, begging silently that she would stand up and make the mental images fade.

She squeaked and stood up quickly, “You startled me.”

“Do you need any help?”

She raised an eyebrow, “Are you insinuating that my copier repair and paper fluffing abilities aren’t up to task?”

I grinned, “Yes.”  I liked that smart mouth.  I wondered what it would taste like.

She blew her hair out of her eyes, “Ok, if you can get eight copies of this color copied, collated and stapled I will concede that you are the Conquistador of Copies.”  She handed Jolie’s presentation to me.

I chuckled and couldn’t help but wink at her.  “I see.  You think flattery will blind me to the fact that you’re having me do your work?”

She tilted her head and winked back, “If necessary, I can offer fresh baked cookies as payment.”

I closed up the machine and waited for it warm up, “Bribery and flattery.  So, public relations comes naturally to you then.”  

“I’m afraid so.”  She admitted.  “Can I watch how you manage this feat?”

“Sure.”  I moved over leaving a respectable distance between us as I taught her how to do color copies.  As it whirled to life she murmured thanks.

“I appreciate your help.”  She stepped back putting more distance between us.  

I nodded, “Anytime.”  As she picked up her copies I winked, “I prefer white chocolate macadamia nut.”

“Sure thing, Conquistador.”  Her husky voice left me unable to articulate. It was if her voice stole my soul.

Three months were going to be hell.

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