#ManCandyMonday and @DosEquis Most Interesting Man In The World

I’m feeling like Dos Equis switched out Bewitched’s Darrin with no warning. It’s awkward – like, I know that’s not the real Darrin, but then you wonder if you’re the only one who noticed it? Maybe you’re paranoid? Like me? I caught the latest Most Interesting Man in the World commercial and it’s with a new Darrin… And I really miss the old Darrin:(

So, for your viewing pleasure, here he is.

I always thought he looked like Ernest Hemingway, which is why I’m disappointed with the MIMITW. (Most Interesting Man…)

Ernest Hemingway was a badass hottie who I’d hate to be married to but man, the stories I could tell…


Happy Monday.

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If you haven’t met the NEW most interesting man in the world – here is the first commercial. Props for the set up but my heart still wants the original.

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