New Year’s Resolution… #GoWithFlo



My New Year’s Resolution this year to be more like Flo. She’s perky, funny, and has great lines like sprinkles are for winners. My personal goal is to be healthier (yeah, lose weight yada-yada-yada). Professionally, there are two manuscripts that I’m dying to plot and write with Rebecca. Not that we won’t write more than that, but two are tickling my brain. Flo is played by Stephanie Courtney, a very talented comedienne, in my opinion.

Last year I wanted to be more like Betty White and that was actually difficult. The woman is amazing, humanitarian, author, actress, sheesh, it was a lofty goal – you can read that post here: BeBetty New Year’s Resolution 2015

Things I did accomplish in 2015 year that I’m happy about.

  1. Began Ferndean Press, LLC. A partnership with author and friend Rebecca Barray this January. She helps me be a better writer (just read my earlier stuff and you’ll understand) and she’s also fun to hang out with.
  2. Went to RWA in NYC with Becca.
  3. Had TWO trips with just the hubs. Two! The kids are finally old enough we can leave them home with a box of pop-tarts and a case of Gatorade and leave guilt-free.
  4. Two manuscripts were published through Borough’s Publishing Group this December. Rebecca and I loved meeting with all the Borough’s authors in New York and Michelle Klayman was amazing to work with. I loved that we published Good Hair Days, which was the first story we ever worked on together and led to our deciding to formalize our partnership. Our second manuscript Imperfect, a very sexy story set in San Francisco between billionaire real estate investor William Peterson, and chef Sophie Schrader.
  5. Rebecca and I published Homecomings – an anthology of short stories together this May and we are planning on FINALLY publishing Rebound Babies, the third in the Rebound Baby series this February.
  6. I published Rebound Baby, Too earlier in the year and just this December a novella in my Love At First Slight series, called Lyn’s Song. I wrote the lyrics for rocker Jason, and I have to say, I’m proud of them. I’d really like it if Adam Levine and Maroon5 put them to music. Just sayin’.

Personally — I have to say that now the kids are mostly adultish, it’s been wonderful to spend time with the my husband. The man who makes me laugh daily and makes writing about love so easy.

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