RWA2016 Uber/Lyft coupons and nearby restaurants

Hello All,

My daughter (and my money…) go to UC San Diego and she’s given me a list of places to eat nearby as well as discount coupons for Uber and Lyft. I thought that maybe other RWA members would appreciate knowing where to eat in a new city.

Use this information at your own risk… I’m 99.9% sure it’s honest and true, but I’d hate to get blamed if you get a bad meal or your ride discount isn’t applied correctly.

UBER – a credit for free ride if you use code – wsq68

LYFT – a credit or discounted ride or first ride free – RACHEL023907

Restaurants she recommends:

Richard Walker’s Pancake house is great breakfast a couple blocks from the place.
Werewolf does good brunches.
La Puerta is great Mexican
Phil’s BBQ is the best BBQ in San Diego
Neighborhood is pretty great
Hodad’s isn’t bad, it’s a cheap burger place.
Meze Greek Fusion has great reviews from friends.
Rustic Meatballs has good reviews from friends.
Cafe Sevilla is amazing Tapas
Plus its super close to Little Italy which has amazing Italian everywhere so that’s always a food option.
I hope to meet you there!

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