Siobhan Rosen offers Sex God Advice that’s 100% Accurate

I’m older. I write romance. I even write sex scenes that are probably physically impossible. Truthfully, I’m coming up on my 25th anniversary and I can say there are many things we tried in our twenties that arthritic hips and bad knees make uncomfortable, if not downright dangerous. Sex against a wall? Yeah, I’m 5’10”, that crap never happened. Sex in a shower, sure, until I had a butt cramp/charley horse. However, I write romance – the fantasy – so sex on the beach is clearly on a beach where sand doesn’t stick to nooks and crannies, and there’s no wind to mess up your hair, or sea gulls… or children.

So, when I read Siobhan Rosen’s article Having Sex Like a Porn Star on YouPorn I realized DAMN, am I glad I’m old and didn’t have THAT crap to deal with. She made me laugh at the reality of twenty-somethings and their dating realities in an age of YouPorn etc. Easily accessible porn has created a “new” standard for sex… She points out, amusingly, sexual etiquette for those men who are, as she puts it, internet addled.

It’s a new world out there and I’m excited for the future, and pleased with my past:)

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