#WTF Wednesday – #ParentingWin or #ParentingFail re: tattoos

My darling children enjoy torturing me. Mind you, they are all legally adults, so this is the kind of torture my kids like to exact for all the green vegetable I made them consume in their early years. My son announced he and his oldest sister would be getting matching tattoos. Is this a parenting fail?


I’m of the generation where tattoos were not cool. Tattoos were something gang members had, or maybe guys in the merchant marines. The bad boys. Not my sweet babies.

But, they’d get matching tattoos. After ALL those years of bickering, they would have something that bonds them forever. They found something in common. That’s a parenting win, right?

I remind my children it’s permanent. It could be cool, but do they promise to stop at one? Mind you, I think the woman below looks amazing, but me personally — I couldn’t handle trying to match that much color with my daily outfits! I’m so old school, stick in the mud, but honestly, I think it’d freak my kids out if I was the painted lady. So, I ask you – parenting win or fail that your children want to have something on their skin that bonds them forever?


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